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Timberwolves Defeat 4 Year Program Paul Smith's

Timberwolves Defeat 4 Year Program Paul Smith's

The Timberwolves hosted 4 year program Paul Smith's for a head to head battle and came out of the contest with a resounding victory. 

They took a lead early as Cody Seaver led game 1 witha 244, followed by very good scores from Boyce ( 211 ) and Hollister ( 194 ). Alex King's 192 added to the score and gave them a lead to protect going into game two. Game two was another solid game from the Timberwolves top bowlers as Hollister led with a 214, followed by Boyce ( 211 ) and Seaver ( 209 ). The final game before baker games was more of a struggle and allowed Paul Smith's to close the pin gap as they fell to 923, their lowest score of the set. Hollister was the bright spot for the game at 235 and Boyce put up a 203, but no one else cracked 165.

The lead was over 200 pins going into the first game of bakers and the home team decided it was time to put the set away. They put up the best baker game of the year and blew the set open with a 232, over 100 pins more than their opponent. That set the tone for the remaining 4 baker games. The Timberwolves won 3 of the final 4 games and netted 189, 194, 203 and 167 to close out the 3,843 to 3,510 pin victory. 

Final Standings:

  1. SUNY Adirondack
  2. Paul Smith's

Individual Scores:

  1. Hollister 643
  2. Boyce 626
  3. Seaver 613
  4. King 478
  5. Gervais 475
  6. Comitini 414


The Timberwolves next play at Schenectady on February 3rd and again on the 4th.