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McKinney Connects for 3 Pointer # 100 In Win

McKinney Connects for 3 Pointer # 100 In Win

Brianna McKinney shot herself into history with a 3 point field goal in the 4th quarter of a game that came down to extra time. 100 three point field goals in a 2 year career is a monumental milestone, but it means even more when it comes with less than a minute to play in regulation in a close game. You don't hit triple digits without having a lot of clutch and she showed it in this game.

Her historic three ball came moments before the play of the year occurred for the green and gold. The Timberwolves were down 2 with under 15 seconds on the clock when they rolled the ball in bounds unpressed, picked it up near half court, got the ball to Lacey Cormie for a three point attempt on a night that she tallied 20 points and 6 triples, but the ball bounced off the front rim for a seemingly game ending miss. Kylee Brand had other ideas as she gathered the rebound and in one smooth motion pushed the ball up and through the hoop for the game tying basket.

The crowd went nuts.

The Timberwolves fed off their energy.

They held the Royals to 4 points in overtime.

Victory was had.

Brianna McKinney ended the night with 12 points, tied with teammate Kylee Brand in points and invaluable clutch plays. Kaicey Sardina added the muscle to the Timberwolves finesse game as she dominated, and I mean dominated in every sense of the word, the boards all night. She grabbed 23 rebounds to go with her 10 points, with 7 of them coming on the offensive side leading directly to second chance points for the home team, which made a huge difference in the winning effort. 

The Timberwolves next play a Valentine's Day matchup at Herkimer.


Happy Birthday Brianna!